The EU Is Funding Worldwide Open Society Network With Whopping $116 Million

(Tea Party 247) – Taxpayers in the United States are having a hard time paying the bills and keeping their jobs thanks to the insane measures taken by Democratic leadership across the country shutting everything down for the coronavirus pandemic. The federal government continues to throw money at the situation, like that latest $1.9 trillion slush fund marked for “COVID relief,” which also contains $11 billion for foreign aid.

In other words, it seems that Biden is following in the footsteps of Obama administration and outsource foreign policy to Open Society NGOs, helping them run with funding straight from the pockets of taxpayers.

According to Gateway Pundit, Open Society has managed to build a world-wide network of NGOs that are geared toward pushing the radical left-wing agenda concerning issues like LGBTQ, abortion, open borders, universal basic income, fighting “hate speech,” and on the list goes. All of this information was released in a report called, “Echo Chamber: The Quango Feedback” was put out by the European Center for Law and Justice.

“The EU Commission funds a vast array of ‘Non-Governmental’ Organizations (NGOs) which are almost exclusively left-wing, and lobby EU member governments and the EU itself to further their political agenda and lobby for more funding”, said EU Budget rapporteur Joachim Kuhs in the report, “thus creating a taxpayer-funded Feedback Loop and Echo Chamber that unfairly discriminates against conservatives and violates EU obligations to political neutrality.”

“These ‘civil society’ NGOs are ‘often related to the left-wing network centered around the Open Society Foundation (OSF) and associated organizations, which have fine-tuned the practice of siphoning off taxpayer Euros for political lobbying in favor of a left-wing agenda of No Borders, illegal migration, lawfare and media campaigns against conservative politicians and opinions, which are delegitimized as so-called ‘hate speech’,” Kuhs writes.

Many of these NGOs have more or less become quasi-governmental bodies that the European Union uses to push their agenda through activism that they fund with taxpayer money, all the while they continue to launch assault after assault at conservative governments in the EU and abroad. They particularly like to pick on the nation of Israel, but also target Eastern Europe, South Africa, India, Brazil, Myanmar and even the U.S.

“Kuhs’ office has identified €98,108,326 ($116,667,478) in funding for left-wing projects by the EU in the year 2019 alone going to NGOs affiliated with Open Society. Due to lack of transparency, the actual figure is probably much higher,” GP notes.

“Kuhs has written for Gateway Pundit about the €13,124,712 ($15,607,513) the EU Commission spent on anti-Israel NGOs and organizations in 2019. GP already reported on €30 million ($35 million) the EU spent on NGOs with ties to Open Society in Europe 2019. The EU also funded groups tied to the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood with €1,869,141 ($2,222,726) in 2019, as Gateway Pundit reported,” the piece continues.

The EU spent €4,117,137 ($4,895,975) in the Balkans on OSF-related NGOs in 2019, particularly in North Macedonia, Serbia, and Kosovo.

“The Civil Organization Institute for Human Rights Skopje received €66,043 for the Project ‘Human Rights for All’. The media project Metamorphosis received 997,394 € in 2019 for ‘Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda.’ Reactor – Research in Action received €1,241,535 for the project ‘Furthering Gender Equality through the EU Accession Process.’ Margins Skopje received €140,000 for the project ‘Access to Justice for Marginalized Communities’. €12,002 went to the Youth Alliance Krusevo for the project ‘Capacity Building: Exploring the Role of Youth in Reconciliation and Peacebuilding,'” GP says.

This is how governments run by liberals are pursuing after the ultimate Marxist dream. And they are doing it using the hard earned money of the people they are supposed to be serving. It’s the ultimate governmental betrayal.

€58,213 was sent over to the Islamic Youth Forum North Macedonia which currently lists its main goals as to “encourage the universal Islamic values” and to “protect young people from deviations.”

And this is where Biden is sending our money. To organizations like this that are pushing a radical progressive agenda that is taking resources provided by free people and turning it into material to help them accept their own oppression.

It’s a sickening game, but this is who these radicals plan to take over everything.

“As recently as 7 years ago, conservative-ruled India was as yet untrammeled by the predations of Open Society, as NGO Monitor wrote in 2014: ‘OSF supports no organizations in India.” This seems to have changed now: In his annual speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2020, George Soros announced we would be spending $1 billion to fight nationalism’, especially targeting the government of Narendra Modi in India. In February 2021, as Jack Posobiec reported, climate activist Greta Thunberg caused outrage in India by accidentally tweeting a ‘Toolkit’ for violent uprisings, presumably a product of the OSF network,” the GP piece continues.

If you don’t think that liberals are really trying to create a unified, one-world government, you’d be wrong. They are attempting to sow the seeds of such an endeavor right now. See, unlike conservatives who seem to mostly be concerned with winning the short-term battles, progressives plan for the long haul.

This is how they have managed to take over so many facets of our culture right now. All the plans were put in motion 50 years ago and they are now bearing fruit. That’s how we have to think too. Generationally. That’s not to say that short term battles aren’t important. They are. But we also need a long term plan to win back the culture and put a stop to the spread of the cancer of progressivism.

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  1. Socialism is the first and only step to communism and the only way to get out of communism is to shoot your way out. Political activism is a start in the right direction but is usually ineffective. You have a democratic party that is wholly owned by the communist party and the republican party is riddled with rhinos who wants to ride the fence to see who wins. There are about 50.5 percent of the American people who are too stupid to know the difference. Trump had things going the right direction and was setting the new world order back on their asses and that is why the democratic communists hated him so bad and absolutely had to get him out of office. I could go on but i think you get the picture.

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