MUST-SEE: NBA Stars Push Back Against Vaccine Mandates

(Tea Party 247) – Just like in other professional sports leagues, the NBA is forcing the COVID-19 vaccines on players, coaches, and everyone in between.

While the 2021-22 season is fast approaching, not all players have submitted to the vaccine requirements with several of them publicly pushing back.

Last week, the Rolling Stone published a hit-piece attacking NBA players who refuse to be vaccinated with experimental shots and called the division of vaccinated and unvaccinated players a basketball “civil war.”

As per usual, the propaganda outlet claimed in the article that the unvaccinated players are peddling in “conspiracy theories” and refusing to accept “the truth.”

Despite this trash article attacking NBA players for their personal choices, several players spoke out calmly and gave perfectly reasonable explanations for refusing the jab.

Orlando Magic player Jonathan Isaac responded to attacks by journalists by saying on social media, “True journalism is dying! I believe it is your God given right to decide if taking the vaccine is right for you! Period!”

Then, on Monday, Isaac explained his hesitancies at the Orlando Magic Media Day.

“I would start with, uh… I’ve had Covid in the past, so our understanding of antibodies and natural immunity has changed a great deal since the onset of the pandemic and is still evolving,” he explained. “With me having Covid in the past and having antibodies, with my current age group and physical fitness level, it’s not necessarily a fear of mine.”

Isaac continued, “Taking the vaccine… it does open me up to the rare chance of having an adverse reaction to the vaccine itself. I don’t believe that being unvaccinated means being infected or being vaccinated means uninfected. You can still catch Covid with or without the vaccine.”

He added that, for him, the craziest part of the entire situation is that nobody can speak out in favor of freedom of choice without being criticized by the media.

“It is my belief that the vaccine status of every person should be their own choice, completely up to them without bullying, without being pressured, without being forced into doing so,” Isaac said during the media day. “I’m not ashamed to say that I’m uncomfortable with taking the vaccine at this time. We’re all different. We all come from different places. We’ve all had different experiences and hold dear to different beliefs. And what it is you do with your body when it comes to putting medicine in there should be your choice, free of the ridicule and the opinion of others.”

Washington Wizards star guard Bradley Beal, also told the press Monday that he is not vaccinated during the team’s media day.

Beal said, “Every player, every person in this world is going to make their own decision for themselves. I would like an explanation to you know, people with vaccines, why are they still getting COVID if that’s something they’re supposed to be protected from? Like, it’s funny that, ‘Oh, it reduces your chances of going to the hospital.’ It doesn’t eliminate anybody from getting COVID, right?”

“We’re less likely to die or go to the hospital,” an anonymous reporter regurgitated in a knee-jerk-like response.

Beal calmly responded, “Okay, but you can still get Covid. Right? And you can still pass it along with the vaxx, right?”

He further noted that while he has already had COVID and likely has antibodies he can still catch it again just like those that are vaccinated.

Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins has religious objections to the vaccines though the league has denied his request for a religious exemption.

San Francisco requires sports players to be vaccinated in order to enter stadiums so now Wiggins is faced with the decision to either get the vaccine or not play at home games.

Despite feeling like his “back is definitely against the wall,” Wiggins vowed to keep fighting.

One of the NBA’s biggest stars, Kyrie Irving, refused to answer whether or not he is vaccinated on Monday during the Brooklyn Nets media day sparking fervor over whether or not he would be permitted to play at home games.

When reporters asked about his vaccination status, Irving said, “I would like to keep that private. Please respect my privacy, next question.”

Despite being formerly loved by the media, these NBA players have found themselves being demonized and attacked over their vaccination status.

The elites will not stop until every single person on the planet has submitted and taken the shots.

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