‘Country Has Gone To Hell’: Trump Urges US Voters To Back ‘America First’ GOP Ahead Of 2024

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump has gotten back in the saddle when it comes to rallies. He’s made a few appearances over the course of the last several weeks and over the weekend appeared at a massive rally in Perry, Georgia.

As usual, the rally was packed with thousands upon thousands of freedom-loving patriots. While Trump has yet to officially declare his intentions to run for president in 2024, the crowds are excited at the prospect of it.

During the Georgia rally, Trump encouraged voters to support Republican candidates in upcoming elections should we want to keep our country.

The Biden regime has already sent America into a chaotic downward spiral towards authoritarianism and socialism. The only way to end this free-fall is to elect those who are willing to stand up and fight for freedom, the Constitution and Americans.

Many were hopeful that President Trump would finally make an official announcement to run in 2024 at the Georgia rally though he did not. He did, however, say plenty to get the crowd excited about voting in upcoming elections.

As usual, Trump touched on a variety of topics affecting the US ranging from the Biden regime’s catastrophic handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal to the unprecedented border crisis in Del Rio to the Arizona Audit, which appear to have recently confirmed that Joe Biden did in fact “win” the election despite discovered fraud.

Trump started out by slamming the Biden White House over the unmitigated migrant crisis in Del Rio, Texas, where 10,000 Haitians have set up a “migrant camp” under a bridge, saying that “American sovereignty is being extinguished” by leftist policies.

“What they’re doing at this level, you’re not going to have a country left [by 2024],” Trump told the crowd. “No greater catastrophe – that’s what’s happening at the southern border.”

“This would never ever be happening if I were president,” the former president noted, before shredding the lie being told about the Border Patrol agents who were photographed on horseback allegedly “whipping” migrants.

Trump also pointed out that migrants didn’t even bother making the trip to the US border while he was in office because they knew it “was not worth the trip.”

“Now every [few] months we have hundreds of thousands coming in,” the former president told a cheering crowd. “This is an invasion.”

Trump blasted Biden over the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it one of the “most appalling displays of incompetence” and gave attention to the fact that his rally had 13 empty seats in honor of the service members who were killed in Kabul in the days following the Taliban takeover.

“[Democrats] think I have a big mouth. I don’t have a big mouth. I have a mouth that tells the truth. I have a mouth that wants to improve our country,” he told his supporters. Later, he referred to Biden as “the biggest failure to ever occupy the Oval Office.”

Taking a slight detour to the latest happenings in Arizona, specifically with the audit, Trump later accused the media of having “disgracely [sic] reported” the developments.

During the event, Trump warned that America was quickly turning into Venezuela which he described as a place where people are “living in hell.”

“We will not be a socialist country,” he told the crowd. “This is going to be Venezuela very soon if they keep going the way they’re going.”

Trump is most certainly right. Not only do we need to support him should he run in 2024, as he is expected to, but we must get out and vote for Republicans across the board.

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